Saturday, October 23, 2010

Samba can be the first to support GPLv3 break with concerns

July 11 International reported widely used open source network file and print sharing software Samba 9 decided, would be changed to the new third edition of the General Public License (GPL 3).

Samba project leader Jeremy Allison, said: 'After consideration within the Samba team, we decided to release all future versions of Samba will be changed to GPLv3 and LGPLv3 license. We think this is Samba and other help to promote the interests of the free software change. '

Free Software Foundation (The Free Software Foundation) has been announced in the June new GPLv3, which on the patent, and other authorized compatibility, and GPL software in consumer devices such as the use of part of all major changes. GPLv3 finalized, the focus can then go to the new license is widely accepted and used.

There are numerous small free and open source software with GPL, heavyweight projects such as Samba, MySQL database system, Linux kernel and Java are among them. Linux leader Linus Torvalds Core Programme has said he supports the implementation of the GPL in 1991 published the second edition.

Upcoming Samba 3.2 version of the official switch to GPLv3, before the final version is Samba 3.0.29. Samba said: 'In this note, Samba 3.2 and all subsequent versions will be based on GPLv3; Samba 3.0.x and all versions before, is still under the GPLv2. '

As under the GPLv2 and GPLv3 release the source code may not be free to mix, open source program conversion authorization permit may result in very complex situation. Samba team will continue to use the various versions of GPLv2 to provide security fixes, but new features will be only for the version of GPLv3.

Free Software Foundation has released under GPLv3 number of its Gnu''s Not Unix (GNU) program components, including the widespread use of "tar" file compression / decompression command.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

You do the boot screen will move you

杩芥眰涓?鏄垜浠珼IY鐨勭洰鏍囷紝璁稿浜哄枩娆㈡姏寮僕indows鍘熸潵鐨勫紑鏈虹敾闈紝鑰岃嚜宸卞埗浣滀竴涓?浣嗘槸浠ュ線銆婄數鑴戠埍濂借?銆嬩粙缁嶅埗浣淲indows 95/98鎿嶄綔绯荤粺寮?満鐢婚潰鐨勬枃绔狅紝閮芥槸閫氳繃绠?崟鐨勫皢BMP鏍煎紡鏂囦欢鏇存敼鏂囦欢鍚嶅拰鎵╁睍鍚嶄负Logo.SYS鏂囦欢鑰岃揪鍒版敼鍙樺紑鏈虹敾闈㈢殑鐩殑銆傞?杩囦互涓婃柟娉曞埗浣滅殑寮?満鐢婚潰锛岄兘鏈変竴涓己鐐癸紝娌℃湁搴曢儴鐨勫姩鐢绘潯锛屼粠鑰屾棤娉曟垚涓虹湡姝g殑寮?満鐢婚潰銆?br />
C:WindowsLogos.sys锛堟渶鍚庡嚭鐜扮殑鐢婚潰锛?br />*.sys鏂囦欢绫诲瀷鏄?甯告槸闅愬惈鍦╓indows95/98鎿嶄綔绯荤粺涓殑闅愯棌鏂囦欢锛屽洜姝わ紝浣犲彲鑳芥壘涓嶅埌瀹冧滑锛屾墦寮??鎴戠殑鐢佃剳鈥濓紝閫夋嫨鈥滄煡鐪嬧?鑿滃崟锛岀劧鍚庨?鎷┾?閫夐」鈥濆璇濇涓?鏌ョ湅鈥濋?椤?閫夋嫨鈥滄樉绀烘墍鏈夋枃浠垛?锛岀‘瀹氾紝杩欐牱鎮ㄥ氨鑳藉鐪嬪埌*.sys鐨勯殣钘忔枃浠躲?
Windows 95/98鎿嶄綔绯荤粺鐨凩ogo.sys鏂囦欢榛樿鏄祵鍏ュ湪io.sys鏂囦欢涓殑銆傚鏋滄牴鐩綍涓嬩笉瀛樺湪Logo.sys鏂囦欢锛岀郴缁熷氨浼樺厛浣跨敤宓屽叆鍦╥o.sys鏂囦欢鐨勫惎鍔ㄧ敾闈?鎴戜滑鎵?鍋氱殑灏辨槸鍦ㄦ牴鐩綍涓嬪缓绔嬫垜浠埗浣滅殑Logo.sys鏂囦欢锛岄樆姝㈢郴缁熶娇鐢ㄩ粯璁ょ殑寮?満鐢婚潰銆?br />
棣栧厛澶囦唤Logos.sys銆丩ogow.sys涓や釜鏂囦欢锛屼互渚挎垜浠彲浠ユ仮澶嶅師鏈夌殑鐢婚潰銆?br />
1.鎵撳紑ACDSee锛屽彸鍑诲噯澶囧ソ鐨勫浘鐗囷紝閫夆?杞崲鏍煎紡鈥?閫夊畾鈥淏MP Windows浣嶅浘鈥濓紝鎸夆?纭畾鈥濄?
2.鐢ˋCDSee鎵撳紑鍒氭墠鐨凚MP鏂囦欢锛屾墦寮?CDSee鍥惧儚澧炲己鍣紝鍐嶆墦寮?皟鏁村ぇ灏忕獥鍙o紝涓嶉?鈥滀繚鎸佸師姣斾緥鈥濓紝鍒嗗埆鍦ㄢ?瀹解?鍜屸?楂樷?澶勫~鍏モ?320鈥濆拰鈥?00鈥濓紝鎸夌‘瀹氾紝鎺ョ潃鍦ㄢ?棰滆壊鈥濊彍鍗曚腑閫夆?256鑹测?锛屾渶鍚庘?鍙﹀瓨涓衡?鈥淏MP - Windows浣嶅浘鈥濓紝鏂囦欢鍚嶅彲浠ヤ换鎰忚捣锛屽湪杩欓噷鐢↙ogo.bmp銆?br />寮?鍒朵綔:
瀹屾垚鍥剧墖鐨勫埗浣滃悗锛屾垜浠啀鏉ュ埗浣滃姩鐢绘潯锛岃繖閲屾垜浠渶瑕佺敤鍒颁竴涓蒋浠禭rX Logo Addbar锛屽畠鐨勬渶澶у姛鑳藉氨鏄埗浣滃姩鐢绘潯锛屽苟涓斿皢鐢婚潰鍜屽姩鐢绘潯瀹岀編鍦扮粨鍚堝湪涓?潡锛岀敓鎴愬紑鏈虹敾闈?
XrX Addbar鍙互鍒颁笅鍒楀湴鍧?ttp://涓嬭浇锛屽畬鎴愬悗寰楀埌涓?釜ZIP鏂囦欢锛岃В鍘嬪緱鍒癤rX Addbar.exe銆乆rX Addbar.txt涓や釜鏂囦欢锛岀洿鎺ヨ繍琛孹rX Addbar.exe

鍦ㄨ繍琛岀▼搴忎箣鍓嶈灏嗕綘绯荤粺鐨勬棩鏈熶慨鏀瑰埌2000骞翠互鍓嶏紝鍚﹀垯杞欢閮ㄥ垎鍔熻兘灏嗘棤娉曚娇鐢ㄣ? 1.鍚姩XrX Addbar.exe锛岀晫闈㈠鍥?锛屽叡鏈夊洓涓?椤广?

Figure 1

2.鎸夆?杞藉叆鈥濋」锛岄?鎷╁噯澶囧ソ鐨凩ogo鍥剧墖銆?br />3.鍦ㄥ脊鍑虹殑鍥剧墖灞炴?绐楀彛涓皟鏁寸浉搴旂殑閫夐」锛堜负浜嗕娇Logo鐢婚潰甯冩弧灞忓箷锛屽簲鍘绘帀鈥滀繚鎸佸師鍥捐薄姣斾緥鈥濆墠鐨勫鍕?锛屾寜鈥滅‘瀹氣?锛堝鍥?锛夈?

Figure 2


Figure 3

Figure 4

濡傛灉鎯充娇鐢ㄥ師鏈夌殑寮?叧鏈虹敾闈紝鍙鍒犻櫎鏍圭洰褰曚笅鐨凩ogo.sys鏂囦欢锛屽苟灏嗗浠界殑Logos.sys銆丩ogow.sys鏂囦欢瑕嗙洊C:Windows鐩綍涓嬬殑鍘熸湁鏂囦欢鍗冲彲銆?br />

绉﹀窛 灏忓皬鐗?br />



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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guide to fully experience the still-mail (a) - attachment

Features on the still-mail

* Send and receive e-mail is no longer rely on laptops and networks, business trip easy to leave

* E-mail to receive, reply, send, forward a complete experience, but also supports various formats of attachments

* Receive free control message size, not take away the original message

* Personalized settings, so my email is still different

* Mobile access to the Internet will be able to use still-mail

Point in the preparation of a new message menu button, select "Accessories", then the list will automatically jump to the attachment page, select "Add", you can attach the.

Select the folder location in the BB and find you want to send the file, select "Confirm."

Annex the list now have a document you have chosen, and then add a bar, continue to choose "Add."

This amr files add a voice message right, huh, huh. Two documents are now in a annex to the list. Shang-mail attachment support message sending N Oh, but the upper limit of the current domestic GPRS uplink only 4K / S, so if the attachment is too large to send, only the patience to wait for the ... ...

Now back to editing the page, written messages, attachments can be associated with sent.

Received! Ha ha ~

On the phone with the mail file, than Bluetooth travels far stronger than the SMS, MMS than the benefits, you are not too Tempted?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Photoshop create hyper-realistic relics

Upon completion of the effect of map

1, the new file, size, casual.

2, a new layer, use the ellipse select tool draw a ellipse, the red circle painted point a few pixels down, why do so would not have said it.

3, to pass into the constituency, pulled out with a radial gradient shading effect, and copy the layer 1

4, implementation of the selected menu changes - shrinkage. Shrinkage to do according to your size. Layer 1 copy to determine the current working layer, anti-selection, press the Delete key to delete the keyboard constituency. To facilitate the reader see a copy of the transfer layer I became red.

5, according to V key on the keyboard straight up by pressing the arrow keys 鈫? the Layer 1 copy of the move to the appropriate location. Fig.

6, Gaussian blur with a radius of about 5. Press CTRL + Left-point Layer 1, anti-selection, press the Delete key. Merge Layer 1 Layer 1 copy.

7, enter the access panel, create Alpha1 channel. CTRL + A, press Delete to delete.


8, implementation of the filter under the variegated - Add variegated, under the implementation of the fuzzy filter - Motion Blur. Further implementation of the filter under the variegated (this value should be lower than the last) specific values through repeated experiments, so that your heart the best results. Back to the Layers panel CTRL + Left-point Layer 1, go back to channel panel. Determine the Alpha1 channel layer for the work. Implementation of the filter under distorted - in polar coordinates.

9, into the layer panel, to determine the working layer Layer 1. Implementation under the rendering filter - light effects and loading Alpha1 channel. Point determination, ah, lines do not meet the object of the laws of perspective. This is left to the point beginners think it suggests that, in the Alpha1 do it in polar coordinates.

10, the new file, make patterns, usually more than relics of Shang Dynasty unearthed in animal drawings, I lazy, self-direct with the PS in the shape of the next set out to do the pattern, finished copy
Under cover files to the tripod. Polar pattern layer, copy and then make out a section, the pattern is divided into lamina and inner laminae, to do the pattern and the pan cover must be consistent perspective.

11, into the channel panel, the implementation of filters - add under the variegated variegated, under the fuzzy filter - Gaussian blur.

12, into the layer panel to determine the laminar layer the current work, the implementation of the light under the effect of filter loading Alpha2. Making by the effects inside the laminae, note the lighting angle. The two laminae and cover organization, to overlay mode. Consolidation within the pattern, pattern, cap.

13, build a new layer, set foreground color to R176.G209.B205. By AIT + Delete. And and cover organization, to overlay mode. By E, find the appropriate written, of course, custom brushes will be a good point, I once again too lazy to do, and sought written above, change opacity and size of the rub ah rub.

14, a new layer, set foreground color to R126 G152 B135. By AIT + Delete. With a layer of organization, to overlay mode. Implementation of the layer style, inner glow, bevel relief, according to M key, note written on the size and transparency, ah rub rub. It is very simple. Some people will ask: Why not do step 13 in the layer style, because 13 is not a lucky number, What is the effect of not doing well. Hei hei.

15, the effect of this is completed, because the different screen size, so we do not like the above parameters hard to do when the mind should forget the PS function, and continuous pursuit of results.



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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Who in the sale of national sentiment!

National sentiment is perhaps the most precious emotions?

However, if able to benefit, why not use them as bait?

Thus, it appears a number of emotional appeals to the nation as the main marketing tool of companies and even its name.

The media likes to enterprises classification, the simplest
Such as local enterprises and multinational enterprises, and then there are processes outstanding enterprises and cost leadership type, there are men and women like the kind of enterprise. The future, maybe there will be a long-known business name, you see, McDonald's has now been introduced to the characteristics of Hamburg called long products, the effect is not bad.

So I thought, if so to say, from the perspective of national feelings, you can also re-classification of enterprises ah.

For example, one enterprise of national sentiment. , Say, a certain well-known consumer electronics companies, and even company names see the answer is love for country and nation, which shares a warm feeling Tai, Naizhi product, the trademark, boss Jiang Hua, etc., are associated with this sacred emotion Youguan.

In contrast to its is weakened national sentiment enterprises. Example, a well-known Japanese consumer electronics, movies, music content companies. Japan relations because they tap the Asian market, especially in the Chinese market, not to mention that he is a Japanese company, and repeatedly stressed that he is an international enterprise.

The same, this is an outstanding representative of the two types of enterprises, in their respective fields, the financial statements are excellent.

The world economy from the middle of the last century, multinational corporations replace countries and promote global economic development as the main driving force.

At that time, we do not multinational corporations, in the face of foreign capital, we are told: multinational corporations who are a scourge, not human.

Now, we have developed, also with one or two to open the company's business in foreign countries, Meng Ding also did not appear to buy one or two good foreign companies. Multinational companies suddenly become good things.

Human beings are to continue moving forward, then right, now may be wrong, of course, also would become in the future is correct, it not good enough. However, no matter what kind of judgments and understanding are the starting point from the interest, this "interest" factor, the "national sentiment" is a backbone.

Thus, different stages of development in the enterprise, such as in the above well-known consumer electronics companies, obsessed with main ethnic card, and regardless of the consumer to buy this "national product" in the end no better ease of use. A result, everyone innocent converted into its national sentiment turnover and profits, now, have had to go abroad.

Another example, is another old shouted before he was the representative of the old national brand IT vendors go abroad in the future, how not gracious enough to reply that he is a national brand. Because to settle in a foreign country, have resorted to all sorts of means to prove that they are not a national brand.

We are pregnant with the nation's heart, money or buy products that unstable to support him from a national brand into an international brand. This time, they suddenly announced that renamed the "dog left" sudden change "John" was. I open wide the eyeball close to that name, I can not see how "patriotic" word.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Digital TV Chunjiang Plumbing

October 1, 1999, the general public in the National Day parade on television viewing time, who knows China is a global television broadcast digital signals?

Unfortunately, the night has become a trend followed by the Internet, Film and Television on digital television and high-profile publicity vocal drowned. Com and e-commerce in the rolling wave. For various reasons, this should keep pace with the digital television, the Internet's surging in the face of dim. Interests of the parties, including government departments, television, set-top box manufacturers, software integration, content providers, are a bit depressed.

Turned in 2005, digital television vista.

May 19 and Qing dynasties in Beijing on the Club's "digital TV value-added services and investment opportunities," club activities, tied with a rope in the digital television on the grasshopper who rejoice, and even seemed a bit excited. Spring River Plumbing ducks. Program production, distance education, interactive games, value-added services content providers and hardware providers, integrators gather together, Geng You Softbank Asia, IDG VC, Intel keen insight into the opportunities of investment, venture capitalist and Society. The audience laughter in the crowd, like mask in the haze of digital TV head suddenly cleared up.

This is absolutely not entertain. Digital TV overall market conditions took a dramatic turn.

SARFT overall translation (turning off the current analog signal directly to switch to digital signals), to a large group of consumers push to digital TV before. Because the content does not differ from the existing TV customers unwilling to pay for the paid content. After the analog signal stopped, do not pay will fall into the dilemma of no TV to watch. To put the TV in the living room bedside cabinet when you move to the bedroom? Consumers would not be so pouted. Not long ago, Dalian is also designed for digital TV price increases held a hearing. For such a strong style, a VC who even said: "As long as people do not rebel, we can do so."

Digital TV set-top box development has been troubled by one of the bottlenecks. Broadcasting system to purchase, on behalf of consumers to advance their economic strength is limited; like Telecom, Netcom, UT Starcom drag when pushing PHS, ZTE's money, is not feasible. But now there is the necessary fuel, and the State Development Bank is willing to provide long-term loans. Do not forget, set-top box is not what Durables, almost five years to be scrapped, and rely solely on paid content pay, not simply a transcript of the cost of set-top boxes. A country's long-term capital pluggin, the soft spot is also removed.

At the same time, content providers have not been idle, on a new digital TV business models to explore.

In addition to traditional audio and video programs, interactive digital TV have more innovative applications. Not that bad a fried TV-based online games, to achieve sound, images, data, interactive Q & A feature of distance education, online stock trading would be a new digital TV business.

Even seemingly small business nook horns can bring in huge returns. For example, in the form of text messages issued with a discount of small ads, the audience will be similar, low cost delivery of the ruthless streets of small ads.

The following junior high school to stay in front of the TV was the longest time that this group of people with low income levels, price-sensitive information to provide shopping discounts, regular delivery of value-added service providers can certainly make a big profit Intuit. After all the information integration, will form a large community-based television network, TV shopping, virtual on-line supermarket and other new business models can be packed in.. Because each set-top box has a fixed encoding, digital TV will be like cell phones, as payment.

All normalized, although implementation may not be the same way. Although support digital television and the Internet with different underlying protocols and platform architecture, but the content running on the platform of the difference is insignificant. If you have the same feelings and good experience of interaction, general audience will not care about is the help of television content delivery platform, or network platform, is no will of both boss - Film and Television, or preference of the Ministry of Information Industry.

In principle, you can run the business via the Internet through digital TV can be completed. Placed in the digital TV industry is an open ground in front.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Guanqunjinchen consecutive successful in the South China

Recently, Guanqunjinchen KILL series of security products company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile in winning the two security projects, the successful anti-virus gateway products is KILL, KILL network anti-virus, KILL endpoint security management systems and KILL intrusion detection system. KILL series is Guanqunjinchen company developed enterprise-class network security protection system.

Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital Medical College First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, is a set of health care, teaching, research, prevention, health care as an integrated whole, "hospitals of" hospital departments set complete, strong technical force, equipment. The Overseas Chinese Hospital, according to the digital hospital building of network security requirements, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, set up the gateway to the desktop virus protection system and endpoint security management system, forming a layered virus defense, and management system. The overall network security solutions KILL successful Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, is Guanqunjinchen Zhongshan City People's Hospital, following the company after the successful expansion in Guangzhou another medical industry users.

Guangxi Mobile Communications Company is the China Mobile Communications Group, a wholly owned subsidiary, currently in the region has eight regional markets operating subsidiaries, has more than 1300 million mobile phone customers. To provide "global links", "M-Zone", "Shenzhouxing" and other well-known client-branded mobile communication and information services, and built more than 2,300 business cooperation enterprise information network. In order to better protect the safety of Guangxi Mobile to run the company's network to provide users with efficient, stable support and services, Guangxi Mobile's decision to deploy in the network Guanqunjinchen's KILL KILL network intrusion detection and anti-virus system, using the invasion detection system to detect and locate the invasion and suspicious network behavior, anti-virus system through KILL timely detect and remove all trojans, worms and other malicious code, form-to-end network from a network defense system, effective protection of the safe operation of mobile network in Guangxi.

"Guanqunjinchen network security solutions company in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, and Guangxi Mobile applications, fully illustrated KILL products and advanced technology, stability and reliability, but also in southern China confirmed Guanqunjinchen the overall strength of the region. "Guanqunjinchen company in South China regional manager Lanbing all said," Next, our technical engineers will be all to the deployment of the implementation of these two projects, the use of our products and services for users network security protection system to build. "

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